Recipe For Volunteering

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Recipe For Volunteering

By Naznin Dhanani

2 cups of listening

1 teaspoon of trust

1 1/2 cups of kindness

1 teaspoon of honesty

2 cups of happiness

1 cup of responsibility

1 cup of patience & laughter

1 tablespoon of communication

1 tablespoon of compromise

1 dash of commitment

2 teaspoons of give and take

2 dashes of forgiveness

2 tablespoons of appreciation of each other

3/4 cup of tolerance


Combine listening, trust and kindness.  mix well. Add communication, honesty and compromise.  Blend. Cream happiness, commitment and responsibility until light and fluffy.  Sift together patience, give and take laughter.  Fold together gently.  Add dashes of forgiveness, to taste.  Top with appreciation and tolerance.


Remembering the essence of volunteering.

~reprinted from Hospice of Hilo’s newsletter April, 2010

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