On Dec. 11, tell Congress: No benefit cuts for seniors!

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National Council on Aging

Dear Advocate,

Please join NCOA and the Leadership Council of Aging Organizations for:

No Benefit Cuts for Seniors! Fiscal Cliff Call-In Day: Tuesday, Dec. 11

Medicare, Medicaid, the Social Security Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA), the Older Americans Act, Section 202 housing, energy assistance, and more are at serious risk in the budget negotiations now happening in Washington. The recent proposal from House Republican leaders would cut all of these programs. See what’s at stake.

Congress needs to hear from you why these programs must be protected for millions of older Americans, workers, and families in need!

On Tuesday, Dec. 11, please call toll-free 888-876-6242 (line provided by Families USA) and tell your members of Congress:

  • Reduce the deficit through a balanced approach without increasing poverty or income inequality
  • No benefit cuts to Medicare or Medicaid or shifting costs onto beneficiaries
  • No cuts to Social Security COLAs
  • No additional cuts in Older Americans Act and other domestic discretionary programs below the current caps
  • Include increases in revenue so the wealthy pay their fair share

Any budget agreement should have the overarching goal of building economic security for older Americans and their families, strengthening the middle class, and promoting job growth.

Then amplify your voice!

  1. Share this alert with your friends and colleagues.
  2. Tell a story of a senior threatened by cuts.
  3. Contact your Representatives and Senators via Twitter or Facebook using the #seniors hashtag.

Thanks for your support!


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