National Island Rural Health Day – State Legislature lauds KRHCAI and HIRHCA

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Click on the link here  Joint Big Island Delegation for the PDF file of the resolution.




in support of

National Rural Health Day on November 21, 2013


WHEREAS, rural communities possess a strong sense of unity where everyone has a voice – people know each other, listen to/respect each other and work together for the greater good; rural communities are fueled by the creative energy of their community leaders – everyday people willing to step forward, share and implement a vision, and drive changes that benefit their neighbors; and

WHEREAS, rural doesn’t necessarily mean “remote” – diverse economic, cultural and recreational opportunities abound in rural communities; and

WHEREAS, the main emphasis of rural health care has always been on providing affordable, holistic, primary care – a model to follow as heath care transitions to a wellness/prevention-based system of health care; rural hospitals, clinics, centers, and healthcare practices are the economic foundation of their communities and are typically the largest employers that ensure a healthy workforce; and

WHEREAS, rural communities are locations where physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, dentists, dental hygienists, licensed social workers, and other practitioners have the unique opportunity to establish their own practices and provide quality healthcare services; and

WHEREAS, addressing the shortage of healthcare providers is one of the greatest health issues – and one of the greatest economic issues – facing rural communities today; and

WHEREAS, while the Affordable Care Act may make health care more affordable for rural communities, it doesn’t necessarily make it more accessible – fragile infrastructures and geographic barriers must be addressed in order to ensure that basic healthcare needs are met; and

WHEREAS, the healthcare needs of rural residents are as unique as the communities in which they live; those needs cannot be addressed by utilizing a generic “one size fits all” approach – programs and policies must be flexible enough to allow rural communities to identify and address the unique needs of their residents; and

WHEREAS, the KA‘U RURAL HEALTH COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION, INC., and the HAWAII ISLAND RURAL HEALTH COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION play a critical role by leading efforts to help Hawaii Island rural communities address their unique healthcare needs; now, therefore,

The Twenty-seventh Legislature of the State of Hawaii hereby congratulates and commends the many dedicated community leaders and partners from the KA‘U RURAL HEALTH COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION, INC., and the HAWAII ISLAND RURAL HEALTH COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION that continue to volunteer their time, energy, and resources to ensure the health and well-being of Hawaii Island’s rural communities, and extends its sincerest appreciation, fondest aloha, and best wishes in celebrating National Rural Health Day in Hawaii on November 21, 2013. 

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