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You’re familiar with HMSA’s Online Care. Now we’ve created an entirely new experience with more doctors available to you. Using our new mobile app or on the web, you can have a video visit with a Hawaii-licensed, U.S. board-certified doctor on your time, anytime you need. Get immediate access to doctors 24/7, 365 days a year.

HMSA’s Online Care doctors can help with:

• Colds and the flu
• Allergies
• Ear and sinus infections
• Prescription refills
• And more

Get started:
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Doctor Spotlight


What’s the reason I love providing care to patients online?

“Some of the benefits of seeing a patient at home using online care include the comfort of being in their own home when they’re not feeling well, and there’s an intimacy between the physician and the patient online that you don’t get when you have to go through several layers like the parking lot attendant, and the receptionist for example. It’s just a physician-to-patient encounter that’s very, very productive.


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