Another Successful Conference

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March 27, 2015, KRHCAI held its 18th Annual Ka’u Rural Health Conference. To their pleasure, the attendees or participants outweighed the registration rooster. Guests and exhibitors were welcomed through Pahala Community Center’s front entrance. They were greeted at the entrance with a view of the stage. The beautiful flowers were donated by Wood Dell Farms and the centerpieces were arranged by Sweetie Grace (a former supervisor of the previous McCall Flower Farms).

“I can’t help but notice the stage. Its gorgeous and matches the layout of this conference” K. Waltjen (HMONO, exhibitor)

Through collaboration including partnerships and long hours that volunteers willingly contributed, the 18th Annual Ka’u Rural Health Conference was a sweet success. It comprised of numerous exhibitors: College of Pharmacy, Hiilei Aloha, LLC, Maui Economic Opportunity, Hawaii Health System Corporation, Department of Labor and Industrial Relations, Unitedhealthcare, Hui Malama Ola Na Oiwi, Kahuku Ahapua’a, HMSA, ADRC, University of Hawaii Hawaii Community College-Rural Hawaii Business Program, HiClass, University of Hawaii CCES, Department of Public Health, and the Ka’u Community Asthma Project Program.

“We’re happy with the turn out. Actually, I was ecstatic to see many members attend the conference including those who did not register. This conference wasn’t entirely about the association; it’s a meeting to inform our members and others of the resources available through different opportunities. Overall, success comes in different forms and we achieved our own success today.”

H. Grace (KRHCAI, Secretary)


To capture the moments, we have included several shots throughout the event. More photo’s to come…

Luz & Elisa Yadao (HMSA)
Luz Miguel (KRHCAI’s Director) poses with our keynote speaker Elisa Yadao from HMSA.
JM & TR Award for 2015
Theresa Richardson receives a Certificate of Appreciation of KRHCAI’s Executive Director, Jessie Marques.
DKekoa introduces BOD 2015
Donna Kekoa opens the conference, introducing her Board of Directors (L-R): Donna Kekoa, President; Luz Miguel, Director; Heanu Grace, Secretary; Jody Adams, Vice President; and Lono Grace, Treasurer Missing from photo: Wanda Louis, Director
Luz's Asthma Project 2015
For her dissertation, Luz tirelessly advocates for better asthma management in the communities of Ka’u.
A collaboration of KRHCAI’s Directors and Hawaii Health System Corporation Directors, Interim CEO and Ka’u Hospital Administrator. Pictured from L-R: Heanu Grace, Theresa Richardson, Jody Adams, Lono Grace, Luz Miguel, Wayne Kanemoto, Merilyn Harris, Dennis Nutting, Donna Kekoa, Dr. Camacho, Jessie Marques, and Interim CEO Dan Brinkman


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