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 Dear MADD supporter:

“Hawai’i remains one of only 18 states that has not established constitutional rights for victims of crime.  For over a decade, MADD Hawai’i has been working with other victim service agencies to amend our state constitution to change this situation.  Marsy’s Law for Hawai’i, a foundation dedicated to strengthening victims’ rights, joined the effort last year.  Together, we remain committed to passing legislation that will result in a state constitutional amendment guaranteeing specific rights for victims of crime.  The constitutional amendment will ensure that victims are treated fairly and with dignity and receive information about, and are allowed to fully participate in, the criminal justice process.

Our success depends on our ability to generate testimony and overwhelming support for the amendment.  Now the 2016 Legislative Session has begun, we need you to:

  • Call or write to your legislator and ask them to support the amendment, and
  • Attend committee hearings at the capitol and present testimony if appropriate – otherwise just being in the hearing room as a supporter adds power to our messages

If you do not know who your legislator is, go to the Hawai’i State Legislature’s website at: At the top right, there is a spot where you can enter your street name to identify your legislator. Your representative or senator’s email address can be found on this page, too.

When you write testimony, use your own words as much as possible since legislators are most persuaded by your own unique story or perspective.

Legislative hearings will begin very soon and we must be ready to testify and attend to show strong support for the constitutional amendment.  We are available now to assist you in preparing your testimony so that it is ready to be submitted before the hearings, which have tight deadlines.  Please either call the MADD office at 532-6232 or send an email at your earliest convenience.  We look forward to working with you to get the constitutional amendment for victims’ rights passed.

Mahalo and warm aloha,

Carol McNamee
Founder, MADD Hawai’i”


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