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Order from TODAY

Summer is almost over and school will soon be back in session for children and teens across the country. As we get closer to the end of summer, it is important to ensure that our communities have at-home tests to quickly confirm infection and seek treatment and prevent transmission. Since January, has been available for residents of the U.S. and territories to place orders of rapid at-home COVID-19 test kits.

We urge you to place an order as soon as you can so you and your community do not miss out on this opportunity. If you have already placed a first order but not a second, we encourage you to place your second order as soon as possible. Tests are completely free and are mailed to your address via USPS. 

How to place a second order: 
  1. Go to  (SpanishSimplified Chinese)
  2. Click the blue button that says “order free at home tests”
  3. Fill out the information with your residential address
  4. Click the green button that says “check out now” 
What if I never placed a first order? 
If you have not placed an initial order, you can still place your first AND second order. Complete the ordering process above two (2) times to place both a first and second order. 

Just like with our first push for test orders, NACHW is dedicated to increasing access to testing resources for CHWs, Community Based Organizations, and our most vulnerable communities. To everyone who has and will help community members to access this opportunity, thank you!

NACHW provides resources around this opportunity and other COVID-19 materials in various languages at

NACHW is not distributing these test kits. If you are unable to place an order because of an address issue, receive an error message, or need to make changes to your order, please use the USPS help request form to submit a ticket.

COVID Test Expiration Dates

Most COVID-19 Home Test Kits have received expiration extensions from the FDA. To see if your COVID-19 Test Kit has an expiration extension, see the List of Authorized At-Home OTC COVID-19 Diagnostic Tests. Scroll to the lower half of the page, locate the brand of your test, and on the far right, click to see updated expiration dates. 


COVID-19 Resources

VACCINES: Vaccination and boosting are still the most effective ways to protect yourself from severe COVID-19 and hospitalization. Find your nearest vaccine and booster location at the official CDC vaccine tracking site: 

TREATMENT: There are now treatment options for COVID-19, including Paxlovid. Test-to-treat locations at doctor’s offices, pharmacies and clinics now offer treatment options. Find local Test-to-treat sites near you through this website:

MASKS: Continue to protect yourself and others by wearing your masks in indoor and crowded spaces. Free N95 masks are available at pharmacies and health providers. Find out more information and locate your nearest provider at

Visit NACHW’s COVID test website for more information about, opportunities, and other updates. Our webpage include resources in multiple languages, and instructional videos for tests. Visit our site at

Telehealth Community Navigation Center

NACHW has partners with Día de la Mujer Latina to assist CHWs in ordering kits for themselves and their communities. 

A bilingual and community-centered call center for debunking misinformation, reducing mistrust, and providing navigation services for our underrepresented multicultural communities for health and social services, including information on vaccines, clinical trials and COVID 19. The TCN Center will be manned by Texas Certified Community Health Workers and Promotores statewide.

  • Call 281-801-5285 for English and/or Spanish. 
  • Call 281-801-9590 for Spanish 

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