Celebrating Health IT Week: September 10-14

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Celebrate Health IT Week!

The principle of Health Information Technologyis simpleApplying innovative technologies to manage health information more effectively. The multi-faceted benefits of Health IT include streamlined access to patient information and better communication among health care providers and patients for an ultimate improvement in all aspects of care.

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Celebrate Health Information Technology Week with HIBC

The future of health care is now, and Hawai’i Island Beacon Community is excited to highlight key aspects of Health Information Technology during National Health IT Week, Sept. 10th – 14th. We invite you to join us as we celebrate this week-long observance to raise awareness of the incredible progress being made in the field of health-related information technology.

Progressive Growth for the Benefit of All
In the week ahead, you’ll receive daily emails with updates on innovations designed to streamline efficiency and reduce costs. We’ll touch on a variety of topics like Health IT milestones on the Big Island, use of Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and advances in care coordination. These and other promising Health IT projects are in motion across the nation as part of the Beacon Community program including expansion of online communities, the adoption of e-prescriptions to reduce errors and wait times, and personal health tools like smartphone “apps” that can keep patients on the right track to optimal health.

Improved access to health information means a higher standard of care. As transformative technology is researched and adopted across all forms of health care in our islands, we envision the end result of our collaborative commitment to Health IT — a more effective health care system that is highly adaptable to the changing needs of the community.

Your Role in Health IT
As HIBC dedicates time and effort to exploring innovative technology and how it integrates with our other focus areas of clinical transformation and wellness & prevention, we encourage you to follow along as we share examples of momentum and growth. As these technologies produce tangible improvements in cost, quality, and community health, we hope you’ll stay connected with us as we explore how Health IT impacts you, your family, your organization and your community.

Thank you for your partnership with HIBC. Your support is crucial as we work together to improve health outcomes for Hawai’i Island, empower residents to take control of their health, and transform our infrastructure into a health care system that is as dynamic as it is dependable.

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