Hawai‘i Health Connector September eNews

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Hawaii Health Connector

Hawai‘i Health Connector September eNews

The Connector Issues RFP for Communication Services
Today, we have issued a request for proposals (RFP) from qualified bidders to provide professional communication services to promote the online health insurance marketplace we are currently developing.
The RFP contains three components—market research, communication strategy, and public relations. We are looking to grow brand awareness and position the online marketplace as the premier source of health insurance information for consumers and business in Hawai‘i.
Interested companies can download the RFP and find information about the Connector’s activities online at  www.hawaiihealthconnector.com.  The RFP and detailed instructions can be found under the “Public Notices” section of the website.  The direct link to the RFP is http://www.hawaiihealthconnector.com/Public_Notices.html
Questions about the RFP should be directed to Kathy Mitchell via email:  Kathy@hawaiihealthconnector.com
Community Outreach Meeting
The next community outreach meeting will be Friday, September 21, 2012.  The public is invited to participate in an open discussion regarding the Connector’s branding and logo development.  We are very excited to work with consumers on this important milestone and we want as much input as possible so our logo is truly one that everyone can be proud of.
Visit our website for time and location details of the upcoming meeting.
Consumer Advisory Committee
The Community Outreach Team has extended the deadline for submitting applications to be part of the Consumer Advisory Committee to Friday, September 7, 2012.
The Consumer Advisory Committee will represent a wide variety of consumer and employer interests, including:
(a) Individuals and Small Businesses who will purchase health plans through the Connector;
(b) Diverse populations throughout the state; and
(c) Organizations that help individuals to enroll in health plans through the Connector, including insurance providers and advocates for hard-to-reach populations.
Members who serve on this committee will represent small businesses and consumers statewide and will participate in strategic outreach initiatives.
If you are interested in serving on the Committee or know of someone, complete the attached application and submit it to info@hawaiihealthconnector.com. (For application, click here)
Note: Hawaiian diacritical marks used in this newsletter may not be compatible with all computer platforms, browsers, etc. Click here for a PDF version of this eNews.
Hawai‘i Health Connector  P.O. Box 3767 Honolulu HI 96812

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